[Lithography] Second by Raymond Savignac

[Lithography] Second by Raymond Savignac

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Country of origin: France
Material: Stone lithograph
Size: 63 cm x 52 cm


A lithograph of stone prints (produced by MOURLOT) by French poster artist Raymond Savignac (1935-2002).

Raymond Savignac

Born in Paris in 1907, he met Cassandre in 1935 and started working for his advertising agency. In 1949, following the two-person exhibition of Viyumo, he succeeded in posters for "Mon Savon" and became freelance.
His style, which replaces complex concepts with a simple and fascinating world, attracted the attention of the world in the 1950s and 1960s. Currently, it is called "the last master of the poster world".

The lithograph produced at the Murrow workshop in Paris is a lithograph with a strong feeling that Mr. Savignac gave all the instructions directly to Murrow from the designation of the paper. He is the first work to draw Santa Claus in the four seasons after drawing the 1st. He was called to heaven a year after he painted Santa Claus in the summer. I think I'm still enjoying my vacation like this Santa Claus.
First looks happy on the cloudsWalking Santa Claus.
Second vacation for a busy winterSanta Claus having fun.
By "The Last Master of the Poster World"Have a Christmas Company original Santa Claus lithograph at hand.