[Christmas tree] Tree (60cm) / Tree (60cm)

[Christmas tree] Tree (60cm) / Tree (60cm)

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Country of origin: China
Material: (Tree leaf) PVC / Iron (Leg) PS

 height 60cm
Width (changes about 3 cm depending on how the branches are bent) 40cm
specification No split tree body / legs can be assembled
BOX None
 please note

Please assemble the legs of the tree firmly. Please note that we are not responsible for tree fall accidents.



It is a Christmas company original Christmas tree. Made with the image of Colorado spruce, it is a long-selling product.
It's simple, but the lower the tree, the wider and more conical it becomes.
The leaves are green and have a natural hue with some brown leaves mixed in.
It doesn't tingle when you decorate it, and you can easily finish it by just spreading the branches.

It is a size that can be placed on a bay window or table. For those who think that a big tree is ..., you can make a decoration with a strong presence depending on where you put it.