[Christmas tree] Tree (30cm) / Tree (30cm)

[Christmas tree] Tree (30cm) / Tree (30cm)

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Country of origin: China
Material: (Tree leaf) PVC / Iron (Leg) PS

height 30 cm
Width 15cm
specification No tree body split
BOX None

please note

Please assemble the legs of the tree firmly. Please note that we are not responsible for tree fall accidents. 



It is a Christmas company original Christmas tree. Made with the image of Colorado spruce, it is a long-selling product.
It's simple, but the lower the tree, the wider and more conical it becomes.
The leaves are green and have a natural hue with some brown leaves mixed in.
It doesn't tingle when you decorate it, and you can easily finish it by just spreading the branches.

Ideal for desktops and small spaces. Simply decorate the top of the tree with a ribbon to create a Christmas scene.