[Christmas tree] Tree (150cm) / Tree (150cm)

[Christmas tree] Tree (150cm) / Tree (150cm)

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Country of origin: China
Material: (Tree leaf) PVC / Iron (Leg) PS

 height 150cm
Width (5-6 cm changes depending on how the branches are bent) 100 cm
specification The tree body is divided into two parts / the shelf part is an assembly type
BOX Yes / 100 × 22 × 22
weight 3.2kg

 please note

Please assemble the legs of the tree firmly. Please note that we are not responsible for tree fall accidents.



The Christmas Company's original Christmas tree is a long-selling product made in the image of Colorado spruce.
The classic style is a tree that has been loved by many repeat customers for a long time at our Christmas specialty store and can be recommended with confidence.

Its characteristic is that it has a large number of branches, and the lower the tree, the wider and more conical it becomes.
Since it is made by specifying the position of the branch, there is also a branch in the back. There is a wire in the center of the branch, so you can move the branch, and the bushes created by it give you a sense of depth and complement the ornament.

The leaves are rounded like a fluffy brush, and the deep green color fits well into the interior of the room.
It doesn't tingle when you decorate it, and you can easily finish it by assembling the divided main body and spreading the branches.

It is a general and easy-to-use size.
Since the top of the tree comes to the position of the woman's eyes, it is easy to reach high places and you can decorate while looking at the whole. It is a size that elementary school students can enjoy.
The width is 100 cm, so there are many branches at the bottom, so there is a sense of stability and you can feel Christmas.