[Original goods] Christmas MASK

[Original goods] Christmas MASK

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Country of origin: Japan
Material: Gauze / 100% cotton / Antibacterial rubber / Polyester
SIZE: Body 21 cm x 11 cm / rubber length 30 cm


The cute "Christ MASK" that Santa can see in various places has been completed. Masks are carefully made one by one in Japan and inspected in-house.
I will continue to live in masks this winter, but I made it with all my heart so that I could have a bright and enjoyable Christmas.

 It is a product that can be delivered by letter pack.

[Precautions for use] There are some individual differences peculiar to handmade products. This product does not completely prevent viruses. If you experience any abnormalities such as suffocation or itching after using this product, discontinue use immediately. If you have respiratory problems, please refrain from using it. The fabric is drained before sewing, but please wash it before use. Use a neutral detergent to shape and dry in the shadows. Please refrain from tumblers. Please refrain from leaving it in water for a long time. The fabric and rubber may expand and contract due to washing. Can be ironed at low temperatures.