364 days Christmas Eve! 

364th Christmas Eve. 
We sincerely hope that many people will help spread the world of free and warm Christmas.
Even in Japan, Christmas is a flashy party, and the style of spending time with family and close friends is becoming established. 
However, even if we Japanese think of Christmas, it is only a short period before December 25th. It's just an event where you have a party, eat cakes, exchange gifts, and kids look forward to gifts from Santa Claus.
We want you to feel the dreams and warm hearts that Christmas originally has.


Christmas world ...
It's so big that it has a lot of inspirational things like creativity and dreams.
The joy of completing trees and decorations that express your individuality for Christmas day by day. For more than a month, I'm looking forward to the day when I prepare a gift for my loved one. The real Christmas fun lies in the long and long process of preparation for Eve. Isn't the preparation period for Christmas nourishing and feeling the "warm heart"? We think so.
Christmas is only one day, but all 364 days from the next day are Christmas Eve. We hope that you will take a broader and deeper look at Christmas and discover a traditional yet unique world of Christmas.