Big tree Special price!

210cmtree,240cmTree,1120(Money)We will sell it at a special price!

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2020Over the years, I spend more time at home and my new lifestyle is slowly taking root.

Therefore, there are more customers who want to decorate the tree in the house at Christmas than usual, and the Christmas tree prepared for this year has been sold out early.

the current11It ’s mid-month, but the big tree210cmWhen240cmOnly available.

We received a lot of inquiries, and all the staff were grateful, and I felt uncomfortable about the situation of refusing.

Therefore, we will show you the two types at a special price!

I would be happy if you could take this opportunity to decorate a large tree and feel the "fun of creating".


Big tree Special price!Campaign overview]

Shipping: Christmas Company Original Tree

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Implementation period: 2020Year11Month20Day(Money) Midnight ~Ends as soon as stock runs out

Shipping: free

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