35th Anniversary Thanks Fair

35th Anniversary Thanks Fair

Total amount at Daikanyama store and EC shop store of Christmas company5,000Circle(Excluding tax)First-come-first-served basis for the above purchases1,000We will give you one original "Christmas case".

35Anniversary Campaign Overview]

 ▪️Implementation period:2020Year11Month15Day(Day)12Month25Day(Money)

 ▪️Target audience:1Total amount per purchase5,000.     Circle(Excluding tax)Customers who have purchased the above

 * Shipping fee is not included in the total price

 ▪️Purchase privilege: Christmas Company original "Christmas case"

The Christmas Company's original Santa Claus, drawn by poster artist Savignac,

It becomes a mask case and delivers a pleasant feeling.

This year has been an unimaginable year all over the world.

There was a time when I was worried about whether the imported products would arrive safely or if I could meet with the customer, but this year as well, the customer came to the store, and in this way35We are grateful to all the staff of the Christmas Company for welcoming the anniversary safely.

With that gratitude, this is a small gift from the Christmas company.

The mask case isSIAA (Antibacterial Product Technology Council)Using certified materials, you can carry the mask cleanly.

Since it is a clear file type, you can use it with something other than a mask.

It will end as soon as it is not on a first-come-first-served basis.

Shipping charges are not included in the total price. The total price of the product is5,000Circle(Excluding tax)This applies to purchases above.

1"Christmas case" gifts for each purchase and order1It will be a point.