Would love to be your partner

Autumn is deepening and I feel the arrival of winter11In the end of the month, the mood of Christmas in the city will increase.

The number of customers at the Daikanyama shop has increased, and I am very grateful to have you come to the shop even under these circumstances this year.

At stores, it is time for more and more customers to want to have a complete set of Christmas tree decorations. Very many customers buy a tree for the first time in their life.

"What kind of ornament should I decorate and how much should I decorate?"

"How do you make a nice tree?"I have a question or inquiry.

There are no correct answers or answers for tree decoration, and we believe that it is important to choose what you like.

The tree displayed on the window display is created every year based on the concept to match from the stage of making the ornament.

We have told you the number of ornaments and ribbons used in the tree, but when it comes to other products, it is often difficult to imagine the actual number. Some people get lost in front of many products.

Therefore, if you leave it to us, we may make "recommendations" unique to the Christmas company in order to decorate it more beautifully and well.

 The overall balance of decoration is determined by the height of the tree, the type and number of ornaments.

Ornaments with strong individuality and many color combinations can give a disjointed impression.

In that case, in consultation with the customer, we propose to tell you the optimum number from the selected baskets by reducing the types or increasing them to match the colors, and put them together. Is it "the aesthetics of subtraction"?

Some ornaments look beautiful even with heavy use. If the number is appropriate, the placement will be easy. Later, when you add other ornaments, you don't have to worry about the arrangement, and it's easy to arrange.

 In addition, we receive many inquiries asking, "What should I do if I have collected my favorite ornaments?"

At that time, please bring your own ornaments and photos.

We will introduce new ornaments and ribbons while making the best use of some of the ornaments.

We suggest that some of the ornaments you have now be taken off this year and will be displayed again after next year. I hope that you will repeatedly decorate the ornaments that have precious memories.

 Christmas company opened35A year ago, there was little culture in Japan of choosing ornaments.

Trees have become easier to buy in the city, and the number of shops selling ornaments one by one instead of sets has increased significantly.

It is a great pleasure for us to have a complete set at the Christmas company, and we are confident in the quality and product lineup that only a specialty store can offer.

I would be happy if you could give me some advice and help to create an original and highly satisfying tree like no other.

 We may have to wait during times when there are many customers. Please contact us in advance or ask about the advisor at the store.