Wish this Christmas Eve brings you happiness and joy

Today is finally Christmas Eve.Are you ready for Christmas?

In Japan, December 24th is Christmas Eve, 25th is Christmas, and Eve is celebrated as the eve of the festival, which seems to be a well-known interpretation.

In the West, when the custom of celebrating Christmas beganThe day ended at sunset and was thought to begin when the sun went down completely. Midnight at that time12It was said that the date did not change over time, but changed when the sun went down.

So when the sun goes down25Day. for that reason24It looked like it was celebrating the day,24If you celebrate the day, it is correct that the sun goes down.

Eve says in Englisheve".

eveMeans the eve or evening of a holiday, and the etymology is "evening (evening), But this is a word that means evening or evening. Both words refer to the time from sunset to bedtime.

"Eve" on Christmas Eve means "evening" and stands for "Christmas night".

Christmas in Japan has little religious meaning such as going to church, and as a year-end event, we eat with family and special people and send gifts to each other. Each one is free to spend and is a part of Japanese culture.

Christmas night in 2020.

May people all over the world feel happy. I pray from the bottom of my heart.