What is your favorite color?

Many Christmas tree decorations are derived from Christianity or have meaning.
Among them, the tree decorated with colorful round balls is a traditional German decoration, but why decorate the balls?

In medieval Germany, when celebrating Christmas, fir trees were decorated with apples that "Adam and Eve" allegedly ate.
Apples grew in harsh environments, meant abundant fruit and the blessings of the sun, and were said to have been a festive fruit.
It is said that the beginning of the glass ball ornament was to display a red glass ball instead of an apple in one year when apples could not be displayed due to poor harvest in the long history.

It is an idea unique to Germany where glass crafts are developed, but it was said that the glittering and reflective nature of glass can repel evil things. Sometimes I hung not only balls but also pieces of mirrors.

In the dark and cold winter season, shining ornaments must have warmed people's hearts.

The Christmas Company sells colored glass balls from Germany. This year's limited edition colors are introduced based on trends and concepts. Choosing a combination of colors is very nerve-wracking, but it's also a fun time.

The image changes just by adding one color to the decorations so far. Please try.