Tree topper

How do you decorate the top to finish the Christmas tree? It is an important and important mission in tree decoration.

Generally, the top of the tree is often decorated with stars, which is the image of the star of Bethlehem, which is said to be a symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ.

It is said that when Christ was born, the three wise men visited to celebrate, guided by a shining star.

In England, the top of the tree is often decorated with angels. This is also said to be a reproduction of the scene where an angel came to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Nowadays, there are not only stars and angels, but also Santa Claus and tree tops of various shapes, which are attractive points in a unique tree.

Also, many people decorate the top with a ribbon.It depends on the size of the tree, but for large trees, it is recommended to arrange with a thick ribbon or multiple ribbons. You can create various images with the ribbon you choose.

Every year, the Christmas Company handles from simple tree tops to very valuable and rare tree tops.

Among them, the glass tree tops of Ingegrass of Germany are in stock in limited quantities.

A thin and light handmade craft made of mouth-blown glass.