The Christmas nativity

In the Christmas season, decorations that represent the scene of the birth of Christ can be found in churches and Christmas markets in Christian countries.

In Europe, he plays "The Birth of Jesus" since he was a preschooler. It is very serious to see children playing the role they admire at the Christmas market.

Crib, Klippe, Prezepio, Nature, Bethlehem ... There are various names, and the materials, sizes, shapes, etc. also differ from country to country.
In general, a manger cub, Maria, Joseph, an angel, a shepherd, three wise men from the east, and animals are included in the set, but there are also expensive works of art, and the collection is increased every year. Some people build large villages around huts. I have seen some things that can actually flow water or light a fire in a river. That's what is so important is "Nativity."

The Christmas Company initially dealt with Nativity for foreigners who were transferred and couldn't bring Christmas supplies. I still can't forget their relieved smiles. Nowadays, I feel that more and more people are looking for Christmas decorations rather than religious ones.

Originating in Italy in the 13th century, it has the longest history of Christmas decorations. If you see it in the city, why don't you think about Christmas in Europe?

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