Special Christmas gifts

364Day Christmas Eve "Christmas1Day.But I want to feel like Eve's day every day.

This is the concept of the Christmas company.


When I was a kid, I was thrilled the day before Christmas.

Try fixing the decorations on the tree and rewriting the letter you wrote to Santa.

When I think of this year's episode, I feel nostalgic and full of gratitude to the family who gave me the dream.

Even as an adult, Santa Claus will come.

To the children who are good children24As I go to the day, it may be late or early for adults,

There is an event that makes me think, "Oh, it's a gift for Santa Claus."

This year, I was full of worries and anxieties when I thought about the Christmas of Corona, but now that the Christmas season has come, I feel like I am receiving more gifts from Santa Claus than usual.

Most of them are from dialogue with customers.

When talking at the store, he talked about his memories with the Christmas company and received words of encouragement.

Also started this seasonInstagrams message.ECThrough online shopping inquiriesWe have learned a new form of communication as a Christmas company and have received many gifts from everyone.

I want to talk about wonderful memories with customersI think these days.