Smiles bring joy

A Christmas company poster drawn by poster artist Raymond Savignac. It is an important work that cannot be changed for us.

"Can I make some goods using this picture?"

When I asked Savignac, he kindly agreed.

The ones with Santa Claus motifs that are suitable for Christmas are ...

The time to think about it was fun and exciting, but I saw various problems in actually making it. I specialize in Christmas, but I know how difficult it is to build from scratch to make something else.

Therefore, I decided to collaborate with companies that are professionals in that field.

1999In 2011, we collaborated with Ishiya Co., Ltd., who is famous for Shiroi Koibito in Hokkaido, at a Christmas event on Sapporo TV to produce canned cookies.

A designer who respects Mr. SavignacWe were able to create a "cookie can" in a cute round can that seems to be a general store, without destroying the world view.

The lively feeling created from the cans at that time was the energy of all the people involved, not to mention Savignac.

It was noticed that the quality of the product itself can be improved by creating one product with high creativity, not just division of labor, by people with technological capabilities.

Christmas Company's original cookie tins, with great quality and value, have been delivered to far more people than we could have imagined.

After that, we will collaborate with professionals in the industry such as towels and socks.

Currently, we are selling original cookie tins with Izumiya Tokyoten, which manufactured and sold cookies for the first time in Japan. We were proud and happy to have a cookie tin package that was originally popular with many fans. This year's cookie cans have the most important quality and security as food.12It's been a year.

What makes us most happy is that while looking at the cans in the store, "I miss you", "I've loved this cookie since I was a kid and ate it last", "I often ate it with my grandma" and so on. You can hear your happy conversation.

This is a memory of a long-established cookie that has been familiar to everyone for a long time.

We"364With the concept of "Sunday, Christmas Eve", we will always be able to deliver the joy of Christmas. Regarding cookie tins, I would like to make fun suggestions so that they will continue to use the cans even after they finish eating delicious sweets.

Every year, by making cans using Christmas trend colors and cans with the year number, we collect Christmas cans and choose them as a standard for greetings and gifts at the end of the year.

From now on, we would like to continue to introduce original products with the feeling that "I always want to spend my time dreaming of customers' smiles!"