PERZY snow globe

A snow globe loved by both children and adults.
You will want to see the fantastic world where it snows all the time.
There are various names such as snow globes and water dome, but we call it snow dome.

Austria's Perzy, a Christmas company, is one of the oldest snow globe makers.
The current third-generation Perzy grandfather was developing medical devices. The world's first snow globe was born in the process of adding water to a glass light bulb to get more reflection in an attempt to make the light of a surgical light bulb brighter.
Since opening the factory in Vienna in 1900, it has now inherited the history of snow globes from the 3rd generation Erwin to the 4th generation with his daughter Sabine.

Perzy's snow globes snow very slowly. You can imagine a snowy landscape as you fall through the dome over time. It is the result of scientifically considering hard water and powder using fine snow powder and natural water of the Alps.

Each motif is also colored by Austrian artisans.
It is not mass-produced at the factory, but is carefully made one by one, so the arrangement and color scheme are slightly different, reminding us of the "fun of choosing".
Not only Christmas items, but also items and buildings related to European life can be displayed throughout the year.

The Christmas Company is the first in Japan to handle Perzy snow globes and has built a relationship of trust over a long period of time. Christmas company original snow globes are also produced every year for a limited time.

As a reminder of their long-standing friendship, in 2005 they were presented with a large snow globe that gathered successive snow globes, who are also Perzy's image characters. We also felt the friendship with them and felt very happy and happy. When I meet, I hug and cheek kiss and talk about my family and the latest situation, which is the greeting between me and the people of the PERZY family. Every time I look at the snow globe, I see a passionate Erwin and a cheerful Sabine smile.

From now on, while valuing the connection between people, I would like to convey to you the commitment of craftsmen around the world and the good old traditions and hearts of Christmas.


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