Ribbon Magic


Ribbons have a long history, with murals of women decorating their hair together during the ancient Egyptian era. It is believed that the origin of the ribbon was that it was used as a magic spell to protect against evil by tying a knot with a string.

In medieval Europe, clothes and accessories will be decorated with ribbons.17Since the century, ribbons have been used to decorate everything from clothes to shoes to hats as a symbol of male authority. After that, in the Rococo style represented by Marie Antoinette, women also began to diversify ribbons. It was used as a motif not only for dresses and accessories, but also for hair ornaments and jewelry, and it was said to "deepen the bond of love" and colorfully colored the times.

In addition to the original "tightly tied" shape of the amulet, it is traditionally decorated with ribbons for Christmas because it can deepen bonds and edges and create a luxurious look.

In addition to ribbons for sending gifts, the Christmas Company introduces ribbons as decorations for Christmas trees.

We also import ribbons according to the concept of each year, so we can propose ribbons that are perfect for ornaments unique to specialty stores.

Also, just by changing the ribbon, the same ornament that you have been using will have a different atmosphere. At the store, about imported ribbons with different colors, materials, thicknesses, etc.600Type 1mIt is cut and sold from.

Ribbons are displayed on the tree in the store window.

Many customers ask us, "How do you make this?" When you actually make it at the store, you can feel the excitement of the customer.

"Wow! It's like magic!"

And sometimes I get a reaction like seeing the magic of my childhood, which makes me feel so happy.

"Ribbons are too cuteSome people avoid it, but you can change the image depending on the material of the ribbon and how to tie it, so please take on the challenge.

A well-made ribbon may seem difficult, but once you get used to it, you will be able to make it well.

At the store, we will tell you the number of meters required for the ribbon to be made and how to make it easily.

This year, due to measures against infectious diseases, it may be difficult to serve customers face-to-face for a long time during busy times, but we are trying to communicate with customers through the "ribbon" as much as possible. We also accept orders, although it costs time and fees.

Only one type of ribbon is nice, but by combining two or more types of ribbons with different materials and designs, the creation will expand infinitely. The colors of the imported ribbons are vivid, and many of them have distinctive designs. Ribbons with wires and nylon threads on the edges are also taut, and highly original decorations are completed.

When I feel that the tree decoration is something unsatisfactory, I think that the material and volume of the ribbon are important factors.

We value the world view and atmosphere that are born from the ribbon.

Why don't you join us in the magic of ribbons?