Live with our Christmas ornaments.

A round ball that can be displayed on the tree.
In addition to simple colored balls, many designed ones have been seen in recent years.
Among them, the ones whose design is drawn on a ball made of glass have a brilliance and presence that other materials do not have when decorated on a tree.

Since 2000, the Christmas Company has been producing and importing original design glass balls every year.
Using a mouth-blowing technique called blow glass, the glass is blown in and delicate painting and decoration are all done by hand.
The ornament drawn on the transparent glass ball is one of our best-selling products.

Every January, Germany hosts an international Christmas trade fair.
Products will be introduced for Christmas in December of that year, and buyers from all over the world will visit.
The Christmas company participates there every year, decides on the concept of the year in a few days, and orders the color and original design from the manufacturer. I don't have time to sleep because the image of one year is decided in those few days (laughs).

Initially, it was made by a Czech glass ornament manufacturer. At that time, most of the round glass ornaments designed were similar to crafts with colored balls and decorative designs and landscapes.
When asked to draw a design on a clear ball, the designer of the manufacturer said
"With this design, the" glue "can be seen through from the back. This is something you shouldn't do with glass ornaments," he said.
It wasn't mainstream in Europe at the time.
I explained to her.
"In Japan, there are ornaments made of plastic material, and you can tell the difference at a glance. I think that the white glue that can be seen from the back also overlaps to make it look like a design. I want you to show it, not make it invisible! And Japan People like delicate things! "

She was a very tough person, so it took me two years to get to know it.
After that, the transparent ornament I wanted to make is completed. It sells instantly at the store and goes to the customer.
After that, I attached Swarovski and designed with various beads and crushed glasses.

She told me about five years later.
"It is in the world of transparents that we can show our technology by increasing machine production in Asia." But it seemed a little lonely.

Currently, the Christmas Company is commissioning the German company Cristobon to produce it.
Cristobon is a manufacturer of luxury ornaments that Christmas ornament collectors long for. The craftsman's elaborate quality and excellent design are loved not only in Germany but also in Europe and the United States for generations all over the world.
Designer Wagner is like a witch to me.
Until now, no matter what company I consulted with, I was refused
"I've never done it, but I'll try it. I'll fulfill your wishes!"
I want to continue making original glass balls when I touch the sharpness and strong power of that sensitivity! I think again.
This year, in commemoration of the 35th anniversary, we designed a design called Evergreen that will never fade and two other new works.

On the other hand, the number of blow glass craftsmen around the world is gradually decreasing. There are various reasons such as the diversification of ornament types and materials and the aging of craftsmen, but companies that continue to make traditional glass ornaments continue to strive even in those difficult situations.

I would like to introduce as long as there are craftsmen who continue to make.

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