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As a kid, I've seen pictures of Germany with lots of glass ornaments on a big Christmas tree.

It was a very profound and enchanting beauty.
"What kind of decoration is that? I want to decorate such a tree."
It was the Ingegrass ornament that made this wish come true.

Ingegrass is a long-established manufacturer of glass ornaments in Germany.

By the time Ingegrass ornaments, also known as "glass jewelery," are made, up to 30 work steps are required, and each process is completed with the skill of craftsmen. It is no exaggeration to say that the glass is thickened by repeatedly applying color to the thin glass.

Round-shaped ornaments are shaped by inflating the glass with a mouth blow. Ornaments of various shapes, such as Santa Claus, are inflated, placed in an iron mold to form a shape, and then colored many times to create facial expressions.

There are many designs and shapes of glass ornaments, including those that follow new trends while inheriting traditional ones.

All of them are done by hand and delivered to the world under strict quality checks.

This year's Inge-glas has Santa coats, Christmas stockings, fruits and animals in the forest ... and other rare items at the Daikanyama shop.

German and American Christmas trees are mostly used with raw fir trees and spruce.
Even with many light glass ornaments, the tree branches will not bend.
German glass crafts that have been loved for a long time and tradition.

I think that what continues to fascinate people all over the world is that their passion for glass ornaments makes the world of collectors' dreams come true.


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