Heartwarming messages from our guests

Christmas Company is a Christmas specialty store located in the city of Daikanyama in Tokyo.

With the concept of Christmas Eve on the 364th, we handle Christmas goods at any time of the year.

Many of our customers, who come all year round, not to mention the Christmas season, have a passion for Christmas, and each of us has a story. And, in fact, we often get the courage of our customers.

A little bit about some nice customers on this blogI would like to talk to you. Please read it as a memory of Christmas.

This is from now21This is a story from a year ago.


A young woman came to the store during the hot season.

"I'm going to have a wedding in December, so I want to make the gift a Christmas tree. It's a size that you can take home and it's cute."I was hoping for it.

After asking about your budget and number of people, we proposed a desktop type Christmas tree called Wood Tree.

It is made of flat wood and when assembled30 cmIt was a tree figurine that was about the height. There is a round hole in the plane, and a small hook is attached to it and the tip of the branch. I was able to decorate the hook with a small ornament made of wood wherever I wanted. It's something you often see now, but it was a rare product at the time. I also think it was difficult to find before the Christmas season.

After the items were decided, we had many meetings about wrapping.

However, we do not have wrapping paper. Therefore, I also purchased the wrapping paper imported from Germany.

The gorgeous holly pattern wrapping paper had an exciting energy that made you want to look inside quickly.

Then, after the wedding was held, the customer came back to the store.

"Thank you for your help the other day. The wedding was successfully completed, and the people who gave me the gifts have contacted me."I've never seen such a gift! It's the best gift I've ever had. The wrapping is wonderful." I was pleased and thought that I would like to thank you again. Since then, he has come to the store many times.

The staff at the time now say that it was the moment when happiness felt like a chain of things.

Customers visited the store again this year.

Even now, the people who attended the wedding remembered the Christmas tree decorations and the episodes they had a meeting with the staff as clearly as yesterday.

Talk, feel the passage of time, and remember your memories1He reiterated that the Christmas company is engraved on the page, and it made me feel like I received a yell from the customer.

"I'm going to meet a friend who came to the wedding, so I want to buy a present at the Christmas company!", While seeing off the back of the customer holding the green striped bag in his hand, this year I was very happy and grateful to be able to welcome customers.