Frankfurt Messe Christmas Wold


The Christmas World is held in Frankfurt every year from the end of January. Visitors from 120 countries gather at this largest Christmas trade fair in Europe. It is four times as large as Tokyo Big Sight. The Christmas Company has been to this trade fair for over 20 years without fail. This year ... It was postponed due to the corona wreck.

Physical fitness for these 5 days! Do you walk from 8:00 to 18:00, or do you select products by the manufacturer? There are days when I walk more than 10 kilometers. At night, after enjoying a meal, take a nap and wake up around 2 am to check selected products and design original glass balls.

About 20 years ago, it was difficult to eat at the venue. There are many visitors and the restaurants are full! Therefore, the shop owners often prepared ingenious light meals and sweets for their customers. In addition, some manufacturers hold dance parties and bands at the venue on Fridays. It looks a little different from the trade fairs in Japan. The photo shows the "more delicious open sandwich than any restaurant in the venue" in the Ingegrass booth. We hope that everyone can feel the atmosphere.

Choosing products is an important task for us, but another important thing for us is to meet people from each manufacturer. Shake hands and hug! While choosing products, talk about domestic and international situations and family. In Japan, we don't talk about politics while working, but that also leads to getting to know each other and getting to know the national character. And through communication with the person in charge, we also have the opportunity to learn a lot. This year, I feel lonely because I can't meet the people I can meet every year, but I will make the most of the Internet and introduce you to wonderful Christmas products!