Find your Christmas story.


Many Christmas ornaments and goods are very delicate and are often said by customers.

"It's dangerous when the child is small, so I'll make it unbreakable."

Of course, glass ornaments will break if dropped from a high place. If you handle woodwork roughly, the parts will come off.

So why has glass and woodwork ornaments been loved and inherited in Germany for so long?

I've heard from someone who has children living in Germany.

"Glass balls and woodwork ornaments are fragile, but in Germany do you decorate them even if you have children? Is there a secret to how to decorate them?"

Then, he answered lightly and gracefully.

"I don't change Christmas decorations just because my kids are in danger.Even children don't squeeze when they talk properly, and when they touch it, tell them to touch it gently. Even if you break it and cut your hand, you will be treated. If you don't treat it gently, you will feel pain. So I can remember how things break. If it breaks, I'll fix what I can fix. There are things that are inherited and memorable ornaments, and adults are looking forward to decorating them together for Christmas. "

Of course, there are differences in values as a religious event. However, in Germany, it is a place of education that cherishes the national culture of craftsmen, "living with the real thing", by telling children many things such as decorating them, breaking them, living carefully, and cherishing them. It was. There was a German-style foundation for protecting good things.

There are family customers who come every Christmas.

When I first came, my child was just born. I put a little baby's hand on the ornament section and bought something that I touched. When I started to touch things myself, I was buying things that my child touched. It's getting bigger and bigger, and nowadays children choose their own ornaments.

“This year, my child chose it for the first time.” When I saw the smiles of my parents, we are happy to see the growth of our children together.

Those who collect one by one from the same manufacturer every year, those who purchase ornaments associated with the anniversary year, for example, house ornaments when you build a house, baby ornaments when a baby is born, etc. There are more and more ways to choose from the wind, assuming that you will enjoy it for a long time.

Of course, you can arrange all the ornaments to decorate the tree at once, but we also propose that you can enjoy it little by little every Christmas.

As we celebrate the 35th anniversary, we will continue to make and collect good products and strive to continue to convey the genuine goodness.