Do n’t stop believing

After mid-December, Santa Claus is busy preparing. And we believe that Santa Claus will come to children and adults all over the world.

4Legend has it that around the century, the Greek priest Nicola had mercy on the poor and gave them alms. In the process of spreading it around the world, similar stories were created in various countries around the world, and Santa Claus with different characteristics was born in each country.

Santa Claus, a grandfather with a white beard whose trademark is a black belt in a red separate suit famous in Japan, is from the United States.

Called Father Christmas in England, he wears a long green coat that extends to his ankles.

In Germany, Santa Nikolaus and Christkind, who are depicted as angels, and in other countries, witches and adolescents are known.

Savignac Santa Claus of the Christmas company is from Europe, so it's a coat style.


This time, we would like to introduce you to Russia's "Ded Moroz", which we are not very familiar with.

It is said that Ded Moroz, dressed in blue, visits with his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, from midnight on New Year's Eve to the morning of New Year's Day and rides on a sleigh to give out presents.The days when gifts are distributed vary from country to country.

The Christmas Company imports limited wood carving objects from Russia.

The material is a tree called European lime. Dry this for about 2 years to make it soft and hard to break.

After that, the artist hand-carved each piece into a shape, and the carefully colored Jed Moroz can be called a work of art.

The large size has beautiful pictures of Russian landscapes and troikas. There are various clothes that I wear, and the Russian pattern is impressive, so I want to take a closer look. When purchasing, you should carefully look at each item and select a work with a nice smile and a solid expression. You will be able to create a slightly different production with a strong presence.

Christmas 2020. In an environment different from the usual year, I think that Santa Clauses in each country are entering an even busier time to fulfill important missions.