Christmas Wreath

We are celebrating a weekend with a third candle from Advent.

As I walked around the city, I saw more and more doors with Christmas wreaths on the front door.

Traditional, ornately colored, simple design ... Doors decorated with various wreaths seem to be pleased with the arrival of Christmas.

Reese is in English "wreathIs translated as wreath, corolla, crown, ring. Make a round shape using flowers, leaves, tree branches and vines.

It is said to have originated in the ancient Greek era, and was used as an ornament to be worn for special events and weddings, and was given as an authority to intellectuals called artists and winners of battles. Even today, we see scenes where laurel wreaths are presented to Olympic and sports winners. The evergreen crown, which has high vitality, was considered to be the most valuable.

Later, in Roman times, it became widespread, and wreaths for doors and walls were born. People began to give wreaths to each other, and it is believed that a valuable wreath on the door was a social status. It was around this time that it began to have a meaning not only as an authority but also as a ward off the house. With the Roman emperor making Christianity the state religion, the living culture of the originally established wreath and the religious culture of Christianity were mixed.

The church Christianly interpreted "evergreen as vitality, round shape as eternity", and it became religiously meaningful to decorate a wreath on Christmas. It will become a modern form that is used not only as a ward off evil but also as a prayer for a good harvest of crops and a prayer for happiness in the new year. The materials and colors displayed on the wreath also have their own meanings and wishes, but on another occasion ,.


If you look at the Christmas wreath, you will notice that there is a wide variety of materials. Even at Christmas company stores, we sometimes hear people say, "I can't tell the difference by appearance." Here, we will introduce the features of each material.

*flower arrangement(Cut flowers, fresh, raw (raw) wreath

It is a wreath that uses fresh flowers, as in a flower shop. The vividness of the beautiful green evergreen tree continues to have a nice scent even after pruning, and the natural texture fascinates us. However, its texture is gradually lost, so it is necessary to carefully water it or spray it several times a day. It depends on the type of fresh flowers,2You can enjoy the green color for a week to a month.

* Dried flower wreath

Generally, fresh flowers are naturally dried or mechanically dried. Since most of the water in the flower is removed, it is not suitable for the type of flower. The rustic, subdued and natural color of the dried flowers gives it an antique feel over time. Recently, it has become possible to color and remove using effective ingredients such as medicines. If it can be stored away from direct sunlight and humidity, some materials can be enjoyed the following year, although there is some deterioration from several months.

* Preserved flower wreath

Preserved means "preserved". It is a flower that can be stored for a long time by removing water from fresh flowers and absorbing a preserved liquid containing moisturizing ingredients and pigments. If the conditions are right, it will not fade even after 3 to 5 years. Care should be placed in a showcase to prevent dust for long-term storage. In addition, the product price tends to be high because it takes time and effort to process.

* Wreath of artificial flowers (high quality artificial flowers, art flowers, silk flowers, fake flowers)

The quality of artificial flowers has been high in recent years, and more and more of them are made to look like the real thing. In addition, the range of arrangements has expanded dramatically, with glitter, flowers with fictitious designs, colors, and sizes, and those with clear gradations. Prices also vary depending on the grade. It is light and easy to handle, so it can be used in various places. Some can be washed with water and can be used semi-permanently.

Each has its own charm, and sometimes we understand the characteristics and combine them to make a Christmas wreath. In addition to flowers, you can also decorate with Christmas ornaments and ribbons. Of course, you can make it yourself, but professional works called wreath writers show different expressions depending on the creator, and there are many encounters with one-of-a-kind encounters once in a while, and some people say, "It's like falling in love."

I hope you enjoy such an encounter.