Christmas Company collaborated with Raymond Savignac ii

In the last talk, I talked about Savignac's success.

This time, I will talk about my encounter with Savignac.

When I was a student, I first saw Savignac's work on a poster at the pool at Toshimaen Amusement Park at Shinjuku Station. A picture of a polar bear filled the entire passage of Shinjuku station.

In letters like a child wrote, "7I still vividly remember the unique paintings and landscapes that I stopped by every time I passed in front of the "Two Pools".

I still don't know that the work belongs to him.

As I grew up and collected my favorite old lithographs, I realized that there were many works by a painter named Savignac, and when I learned that it was the same author as the seven pools, I was happy that the puzzles fit perfectly. I remember becoming a sensation.

How happy it would be if Savignac could draw a picture for a Christmas company store at a gallery in Daikanyama at the time! If you talk lightly, let's challenge the gallery first! It was decided to offer.

Savignac told me that it was no good, but maybe I was waiting for it.

"Is there Christmas in Japan? And1All year round?can not imagine"I heard that you are interested while saying so

I took a lot of pictures of shops and staff and Christmas goods.

At the same time, most of Japan celebrates Christmas regardless of religion and is enjoyed as a culture. However, I told him that the existence of the store is difficult.

It's been a while since thenI received a letter of completion saying, "I was able to draw, so come and take it."

Immediately, I headed to his atelier in Trouville, France.

that is,1999Year9It's the moon.

Charles de Gaulle had a chilly, Christmas-like wind.


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