Christmas Company collaborated with Raymond Savignac

Santa Claus, the original goods of the Christmas Company, is all born from one poster.
The one who drew the Santa Claus was
Raymond Savignac.

To everyone who came to the blog of the EC site, I would like to talk about his charm again.
In addition, I would like to occasionally tell the story and encounter between Savignac and the Christmas Company in this blog.

Savignac is "the last master of the poster world"
A French poster painter called.
Born in Paris in 1907. After studying at Ecole Lavoisier in Paris, he became an apprentice to the Art Deco painter Cassandre in 1935.
In 1949, at a two-person exhibition with my friend painter Viyumo, I drew it for Monsavon soap, but it was in storage.
"Cow makes soap with his own milk"
Was on display, and it was bought by the owner of Monsavon and officially adopted.
Since then, he has been active in the world of advertising posters, and has worked on many posters and commercial designs for companies not only in France but also around the world.
In addition to major companies such as Yale France, Michelin, Perrier, and Dunlop, I also draw Japanese posters such as Suntory Beer, Morinaga Chocolate, and Toshimaen.

The value of poster paintings abroad is highly regarded as art, and in France there is an institution that stores an important collection of advertising posters, where many Savignac works are also stored and protected.
In 1992, he was also awarded the National Order of Merit in France.

Savignac's work is loved for its simple, high-impact ideas, humor and intelligence, and bright colors.
The facial expressions of the animals and people that appear will make the viewer happy and overwhelming.
I used to draw caricatures, and cool and dry works are also the charm of Savignac.
Just a picture without relying on words
"Tell me a lot of what I need to tell"
This style of expression left a big mark in the graphic design world and had a lot of influence on artists and designers all over the world.

Advertising naturally comes into people's horizons.
In today's world of diversified advertising tools such as television, the Internet, and video, Savignac's work still speaks to our sense of vision.

Why did the poster artist who built such an era paint only for a small Japanese shop?

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