Christmas Company collaborated with Raymond Savignac Ⅲ

The last story was about arriving in France after receiving a report that the painting was completed.

I drove to Trueville, the city where Savignac lives. When the city came into view, the seagull flag drawn by Savignac was fluttering in the sea breeze. I remember feeling like the entrance to a dreamland.

My home is an apartment on a small hill.

At the front door, Mrs. Savignac, a fair-skinned woman, smiled like a playful girl, pinched my cheeks, swirled around, and welcomed me.I found the tense feelings to disappear.

Immediately, you will be taken to the atelier on the second floor.Savignac, who looked a little grumpy, was sitting there.

Rough paintings that he would have drawn were scattered all over the atelier, and it looked like a treasure trove by itself.Next to Savignac was an easel covered with a white cloth.

The heartbeat of my heart was heightened by the expectations, longing and excitement of what kind of painting was underneath.

Savignac quickly removes the white cloth, clouds float in the silver-gray sky, and the red Santa Claus walks as if he were stepping on the sky.

The husband who came with me"Wow !!! Bravo !!!"Cheers and applauds. Everyone smiled and applauded together, as if they were hung up on it.

Looking at Savignac, he had no more difficult face and had a charming smile with a grin.

When everyone was happy, I suddenly became curious, and I screamed.

"My shop is a Christmas companyTheIs not attached, but ... " 

SavignacTheIf you take, I have drawn a picture for Christmas companies around the world.I drew it for your Christmas company, so I can't remove it. "

I was convinced by his explanation with Ston, and I was able to feel and accept his commitment as a painter.

I can't help but ask Savignac two things.

The first was "I want you to draw more pictures!" He said with a slightly dismayed face, "What are you going to draw this time?"

"I want to see Santa Claus in the four seasons! Next, I want you to draw the summer Santa Claus you envision."It was that. Savignac"Well, do you draw Santa Claus again?"He said, but he accepted me to wait patiently.

continue"Can I make some goods using this picture?"When2I would like a second request.

Then, "Of course. This is your painting, so please like it. If you want to make a lithograph, go to the Murrow workshop in Paris."

Murrow workshop is in Paris1852It is a lithograph studio that was founded in 1945, and many famous painters such as Picasso, Matisse, Miro, and Cassandre, who is also the teacher of Savignac, trusted the craftsmanship and produced world-class masterpieces one after another.

Savignac contacted Murrow directly and gave instructions on all the paper and color specifications and had a meeting.(There is a fun story that I experienced at Murrow, but at another time,)

In this way, the Christmas company1The poster of the work was born.

It was the thoughts of everyone involved that made me draw a picture for a small Japanese Christmas specialty store. I cannot thank you enough.

And I think it is a gift from Savignac to meet people who love Santa Claus of the Christmas company through lithographs and products.

I would like to continue to protect it carefully.

Episodes and stories I want to talk about about Savnyak2There is also a story about the work,

It will be on another occasion