Advent calendar

The preparation period for waiting for Christmas is called Advent in Europe.

In Japanese, it is often called "Advent", and in Christianity, it is the period of waiting for the birth of Christ. It is a culture that is widely rooted in non-Christian families around the world.

Advent is the period of four Sundays before Christmas.2020Year is11Month29From Sunday of the day12Month24It's Thursday.

There is an "Advent calendar" to wait for that period.

I was born19It is said to be Germany around the century. It was as simple as drawing a line directly on the wall or door to write a calendar, lighting a candle, or decorating a religious painting.

20At the beginning of the century, a printed paper Advent calendar is made. The paper calendar has a small window1920It is said that it was around that time. From that time on, it wasn't a strict Advent period,121The number of calendars that started will increase, and it will gradually spread to Christians around the world.

Since then, chocolate and other sweets have been made for the general public, paper with a Bible theory written on it, and small toys with Christmas-like things for everyone. Recently, alcoholic beverages, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. for adults are also on sale. There are also Christmas cards and ornaments.

Even in Japan, the custom of Advent calendar has gradually become familiar. The Christmas Company store sells traditional German paper Advent calendars and advent boxes with music boxes made of rare tincans.

For paper, the Advent calendar with soft colors and classical patterns is like a page in a picture book, and every time you open the window, a small cute picture appears. It's a little flashy and simple, but it's much more exciting than I imagined. Previously, a mother with a child with a food allergy was very happy to buy it. You can give it to anyone and I think it's a perfect gift.

You can put your favorite sweets or small ornaments in the tin can box. When choosing a gift to put inside, you can feel a little Santa Claus.

How about an experience of waiting for Christmas while counting down this year?